Cannot type in Google Chrome? Try This!!!

So you were browsing the internet using Google Chrome for some time and you find that you cannot type anything on a comment box, text box, or text areas etc. You think of restarting your browser, then what happens to the web pages you visited?  you go back to your history, and reopen all closed tabs back again, ohhh, that’s a mess.

The easiest way I have been doing is open a new Chrome Window.

CTRL+N to open a new Chrome Window

After you do that, close it and go back to the window you were using, now you can type whatever you want to.

This has happened to me many times, during work I spend most of the time browsing on the Internet  using Google Chrome. So this is the quickest solution for this bug.


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Computer tricks that are too awesome to be shared!

1. Don’t use Ctrl+Alt+Del!

Use control+shift+escape instead! It goes directly to the task manager!

2. Tired of that boring GIF?

Are you feeling really sick of watching that boring GIF go again and again? Worry not! Press Escape to halt animated GIFs that are distracting. Yeah, Graphic designers hate me!

3. A site that has right-click disabled? and you can’t steal stuff?

You have a major project to submit tomorrow and you finally found the site you dreamed of! But It has it’s right-click disabled and you can’t copy stuff from there? Don’t you worry child!


Putting the following into a favorite/shortcut on the toolbar re-enables browser right click.

4. A simple way to clear your cache?

CTRL + SHIFT + R = Clear cache and refresh the page. Child’s play! Isn’t it?

5. How to access Paywall sites?

Some websites like allow you a certain number of free stories per month before you hit a paywall. to continue taking the benefits, just delete the cookies from the site and it will reset your count. Alternatively, you can browse it in incognito mode.

6. How to find the website that is dead now?

Many a times, We find a website that is offline and you cannot seem to access it. Copy the URL to… they often have a preserved copy.

7. Reverse Image search?

Hold S and right click an image to do reverse image search in Chrome.

8. Open a Browser Notepad!

Need a notepad in Chrome or Firefox?


Copy and paste this into the address bar. You’ll open a new tab that you can write in. You can even save it.

9. Disable Facebook’s Autoplay Video option!

We all know the struggles you face every time a video pops up on Facebook and it won’t stop without playing it fully!

Here’s the fix: navigate On the left side you’ll see ‘video’ – click on it and you’ll be presented with an option to turn off autoplay.


Keep your Ego aside!

Not everyone, some will miss the greatest people in their life, their ego will keep them apart and later when they realise, the person you chose to avoid will be someone else’s happiness. Tomorrow is never promised, Put your ego aside, open your eyes to who and what’s around you. You are loved. You are cared for. You are blessed, Live.Love.Laugh


Why Google Chrome Uses So Much of RAM

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers in the world, may be the best browser around, but it eats up your PC’s RAM like a King.

If you have ever looked at your task manager, you can probably see number of chrome processes and memory they use.


Here is why chrome uses so much of RAM

Chrome splits every tab, plugin, extensions into its own process, therefore if one thing crashes like flash or any other plugin, it doesn’t affect the whole browsers and active web pages. Therefore this can lead to higher use in memory. But it also makes things easy, fast and convenient.

Chrome’s Prerendering feature which can cause high memory usage but it also loads web pages faster.

And of course the more tabs, extensions, and plugins you have opened, installed and running, more memory chrome is going to use.



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By: AnasRafaideen

The new iPhone 6 & 6s Smart Battery Case

Finally charging your iPhone on a portable power pack is coming to an end! Yes, it is….

Apple has finally released a Smart battery case which can give you even longer battery life and protection for your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6.

*According to Apple, you can now get 25 hours of talk time when you charge your iPhone and Smart battery case simultaneously. 18 Hours of Internet over LTE.

The battery case supports lightning accessories provided by Apple.

Visit this Link for more: Apple

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*Testing conducted by Apple on October 2015 using production iPhone 6s and softwares.