Replace a Laptop Screen By Yourself

When it comes to a cracked or a damaged screen, many people think that’s the end of the laptop. Well that’s not the exact truth. What would you do if your laptop screen is broken? Go for a new laptop or replace with a new screen?

Nowadays technologies is growing up so fast therefore they are introducing new technologies in all fields. Laptop screen is one of them. There are many types of screen been introduced everyday with new technologies. Some of them are LCD, LED and OLED etc. Manufacturers are trying their best to make these screens more powerful, less energy consuming, less weight and portable. Nowadays many laptop screen comes with LED backlight rather than CFL lights which uses less energy.

Let’s talk about replacing a new screen. The cheap and the best way is to replace the broken screen with a new compatible laptop screen. Advantages of replacing a new screens are:

  • Cheap
  • Time saving
  • Money saving
  • No need to transfer you files back
  • All you change is the screen
  • Your files are already on your hard Drive

Laptop screen can be replaced by yourself or by a professional technician. Getting you laptop screen replaced by a technician can be a bit expensive rather than fixing it yourself. To fix your laptop screen yourself, first of all you should have a small experience about laptop and computers. If you don’t have at least the basic knowledge about laptops, it will be difficult for you to purchase the correct compatible screen for you laptop and might end up buying the incompatible screen and might not work. There are many manufacturers producing laptop screens, tech giants like Samsung, ChiMei Innolux, AU Optronics are some of the manufacturers who make screens for major laptop brands like HP, Samsung, Toshiba, Apple, Dell, Sony etc. Every laptop screen has difference specifications and configurations. For example it might be high or low in resolution, with cable or without cable, LED or CCFL backlight, IPS display or retina display, etc. Therefore in order to know these you can find out about the screen specifications about your laptop screen on the manufacturer’s website or just Google it.

Every laptop screen manufacturer has a unique part number which is printed with the bar code sticker backside on the screen. If you are confident that you won’t make a mistake while removing the damaged screen, you can find the part number once you remove the laptop screen bezel and take the screen out of the laptop. Finding a screen using a part number is very easy. It keep you away from buying an incompatible screen for your laptop. Every part number has different specifications for example a Laptop screen Manufactured by ChiMei Innolux will have a part number like this on the back side of the screen N156NGE this code tells you that the screen size is 15.6” Inch Laptop Screen and other unique codes. Therefore buying the correct compatible screen you can replace it yourself, it would take 20-25 minutes. You save time and money where technician would take 2-3 business days and at least £30-£100 depending on the model and the cost of the screen as a replacement service charge. IF you are not much aware how to replace the screen, there are many YouTube videos which shows you step by step on how to replace a laptop screen by yourself.

So never get worried if your laptop screen is damaged or cracked, there is always a way to replace it rather than going for a brand new laptop which cost more than replacing.


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